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December 14, 2010

SCHWARY’S POINTS to PONDER - 2010 (3rd Annual)

"Schwary's Points to Ponder" Logo (Jason Schwary)
The  concept of “closure” can often times brings out the strangest in human behavior. For me, the end of the year brings out an inexplicable necessity to tidy things up, take inventory, and plan ahead for the year to come. As part of that process, three years ago I started something called, “Schwary’s Points to Ponder”. Please enjoy my 3rd annual, “Schwary’s Points to Ponder” (and if you happened to miss the first two years, I’ve included them for you as well)!
SCHWARY’S POINTS to PONDER - 2010 (3rd Annual)
Trust more, fear less
Play more, struggle less
Talk more, Facebook less
Exercise more, and please...gossip less
For in just a short while, this year will be over
Now’s the time to take stock and review next year’s ground you will cover!
Share more, hoard less
Laugh more, frown less
Invest more, consume less
Compliment more, and please...insult less
For in just a short while, a new year will be here
It’s all up to you, to decide what happens next year!
Travel more, stagnate less
Explore more, watch TV less
Create more, destroy less
Love more, and please...hate less
For in a short while, this year will be finished
Hopefully you’ll look back on it, absent one grimace!
Believe more, suspect less
Care more, fake less
Understand more, discriminate less
Celebrate more, dwell on it less
For in a short while, this year will be present
Do all you can today, to make it one very nice present!
- Merry Christmas & Happy New Year -
May it be the kind of year you make it out to be!

SCHWARY’S POINTS to PONDER - 2009 (2nd Annual)
To your dreams, inspiration
To your mentor, gratitude
To your faith, practice
To your inhibitions, fearlessness
To your doubts, conviction
To your insecurities, trust
To your inner child, freedom
To your life, expression
And to yourself, love & respect. 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 
SCHWARY’S POINTS to PONDER - 2008 (1st Annual)
Don’t just settle for sex…make love! [ Or put another way, if you’re not “making love”, then what are you making, and perhaps more importantly, then who are you with? [ Be thankful everyday that you’re healthy. [ If you live by the beach and only visit during the summer, you’re missing out on 3/4 of the year. [ If you’re under 40 and loss touch with an old friend, chances are you might find them on Facebook - sign up! It’s free. [ Whether you like Barack Obama or not, more than 70% of Americans said they’re happy to see “that one” elected. [ Speaking of which, current historians are seriously debating whether or not the current knuckle-head will go down as one of THE worst presidents in American history. [ If your stockbroker didn’t beat the S&P this year, try doing it yourself  @!  What do you have to loose?  Your chances are 50/50. [ If you waist all your time behind the video camera then you’ll probably be missing the best part. [ Don’t waist a single opportunity telling the ones you love that you love them, it’s that simple! [ Call your mother once a week. [ And while you’re at it, tell your dad thanks for all he’s done for you. [ Sometimes the softer you speak the louder you’re heard. [ Don’t forget where you came from, if you do, you might even forget who you are. [ Don’t just say good night  to your husband, kiss him good night - like you really mean it! [ Next year, invest in a costume for Halloween - the $50 will be worth it. [ Remember when gas stations used to be both “full service” and “self service”? [ Commit to quitting one bad habit, and commit to starting one that’s good. [ At the dinner table, spend less time reviewing the bills and more time conversing about the things that matter most. [ Let your kids hear you tell your parents that you love them, because one day they’ll be you. [ Try to say the words “please”, “thank you” and “you're welcome” a bit more often, watch what happens! [ Gaze at a full moon as often as a sunset, they’re equally amazing. [ Remember when being spanked on the ass was an acceptable form of discipline? [ Don’t be afraid of breaking your routine, like they say, variety is the spice of life! [ If you’ve never been to another continent, make this the year you do. [  Even when those around you think one way, don’t be afraid to think another. [ Spend a little less time texting and more time talking. [ This year, switch out one phosphorescent light bulb for one that’s LED. [ If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon then I suggest that be your first vacation for the new year. It fits any budget but more importantly, it’s indescribably magical! [ Remember when it was the parents who told their children what to do? Now, the children tell the parents what to do! [ For the first time in decades, next year has a real chance of being more trying than this one…I suppose it’s best to take nothing for granted! [ Consider volunteering for just one day this year, I guarantee you won't regret it. [ It’s okay to tell your children “no”. In the long run they’ll end up respect you for it. [ Do you do what you do because you like it? Or do you do what you do because you have to do it? [ If you’ve never tried to karaoke then make this the year you don’t care enough about humility to try it. [ Laughing at yourself can be one of the greatest feelings in the world. [ Remember when writing to someone involved licking a stamp? [ Even with the temporary relief at the pump, turn in your SUV! Not convinced, how about the fact that partial petroleum profits fund international terrorism, and if that’s not enough, it’s destroying the environment too (you know, that stuff we breathe). [ Remember when buying a Christmas tree meant buying something that was still alive and needed a little water? [ When it comes to material possessions, the old adage still applies, “less is more”. [ Don’t let your cell phone control you, it should be the other way around. [ Remember when feeling sorry meant you were gonna apologize? [ And above all, don’t be told what to think. Think for yourself!
Merry Christmas [ Happy New Year [ God bless

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