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October 5, 2010


Mabul Island - Mabul means "crazy" in French (Photo:Jason Schwary)
Scuba diving is such a fascinating sport that more than any other of its kind it presents a strong possibility of being one in a million hours of your life where you end up remembering absolutely everything. But as I said, it’s not a guarantee, it just provides the possibility!
Marie Mid Flight (Photo:Jason Schwary)
Today’s experience was one of those lucky days! Today I lived an hour of my life that will be remember till the day I die - if that should ever occur. Ha-ha-ha! Seriously, this is no easy feat. Not every dive I’ve made has been so monumental, not even close.  Just ask me about my dives in Hawaii and you’ll hear nothing but complaints. The truth is, there’s an extremely elusive combination of elements necessary to exist, stirred in perfection and pored ever so delicately into a ice chilled martini glass to actually make the perfect libation.  The supreme martini of scuba diving!  

Human Size Head (Photo: Marie Zurlinden) 
Let’s say there’s ten different ingredients that make up this exquisite cocktail and each ingredient that’s added elevates the score from one to two, two to three, and so on, all the way up to ten.
Here are the 10 ingredients that made today’s “scuba diving martini” a ten out of ten, and in turn a day I will remember for the rest of my life...

    Nudi Branch (Photo: Jason Schwary)
    • Being submerged into a body of water I’d never heard of or seen before = 1
    • Diving with my significant other for the first time ever = 2
    • Embarking on my dive off an island whose village was completely made on a bed of stilts = 3
    • Diving in 87 degree water = 4
    • Observing coral life and underwater plants that would give the animation artists at Pixar a run for their money = 5
    • Coming face-to-face with over one hundred unique varieties of fish = 6
    • Despite past diving experiences around the world, still seeing the vast majority of sea life for the first time  = 7
    • Enjoying a brief moment of cohabitation with turtles, puff fish, nudi branches, angel fish, crocodile fish, trigger fish, dragon fish, parrot fish, box fish, barracuda, yellow needle fish, lion fish and nemos of four different varieties = 8
    • Water visibility of twenty-plus meters = 9
    • And being completely engulfed by a school of three hundred mirror fish around your body creating a super charged surreal experience = 10!

Teeming With Life (Photo: Jason Schwary)
It was awesome! A 10 out of 10 that will be remembered forever and lucky for us that tomorrow we get to go out and do it all over again. This sea-gypsy village on the outer banks of the northeast Bornean coast is truly something I’ve never experienced before and thrills me beyond belief to add it to my overall collective travel experiences. 

What's Your Definition Of Life? (Photo: Jason Schwary)
Soon to follow will be a post & pics focused primarily on this island I’ve boldly placed on my “Top 10 Cultural Experiences” list. And hopefully my attempt at becoming somewhat of a  professional photographer above the water won’t be as disappointing as below :)  See you soon. Time to go to bed and prepare myself for another day I’ll ever forget. Good night!

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