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October 9, 2010


Have you ever heard the phrase, “make every minute count”?  Sure you have! Then what if I asked you to tell me a thousand different stories of a thousand different minutes of your life? Could you do it? Hmm! Yes, it sounds pretty absurd, but I wonder if someone as intelligent as Einstein could’ve done it, or someone as adventurous like Jacques Cousteau with all his adventures could’ve done it, or maybe someone super close to God, like Jesus could’ve done it? Ok, maybe the Jesus thing wasn’t so fair, but really, if every minute counts, then why do we live so many them, yet remember so few? 
With all that in mind I calculated that there’s 60 minutes in one hour (tough, I know), 1,440 minutes in one day and 525,600 minutes in one year. And if you live as long as the American Board of Statistics says you’re going to live (assuming you’re male) then you’ll end up living exactly 43,099,200 minutes. Holy shit, that’s a lot of minutes! However, when you think about it for just a minute, and really contemplate just how fast those minutes fly by, it can scare the you-know-what out of ya and what you’d do to have the chance at tagging a few million more onto your life when the last minute calls for it.
If you’re my age, 36, then you’ve already used up about 18,921,600 million minutes.  If I were to asked myself how many of those minutes could I recall second for second, I’d probably be embarrassed to admit not more than a handful. Damn, imagine that! Out of about 18.9 million minutes, I could tell you about 5 minutes of second-by-second replay.  It almost makes me fell like wow, what have I done, where have I been, what did I do, and how has my life passed me by so quickly? But perhaps if I actually did have the ability to recall more of those precious minutes then maybe I wouldn’t fell such a deep sense of disappointed for having spent so many. That’s a really big number - 18,921,600, so big it would almost take you 36 years to count it out...
For that reason, and to this end, while on my “dream trip of a lifetime”, I’ve decided to capture and create a video sequence entitled, “Random Minutes of My Life” the hopes that that paltry handful will be a bit more abundant come the final minute when all those before it counted most.
Hopefully more minutes to be added to this video soon...Please enjoy every minute of it!  ;-)
Thank you.

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