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October 14, 2010

Are U, Do U, Would U, Have U?

Do you suggest it, or prefer to neglect it? Would you say on average you progress, or just tend to regress?  Could you say you’re extraordinary, or would you feel more comfortable saying ordinary?  Do you try to stick out, or settle on fitting in?  Is your cup on the full side, or is it on the “I’m-sick-of-trying-side”? Do your ambitions still exist, or have they lost their way to persist?  Are you the type that holds on, or the one that caves in?  Do you believe you’ve got a shot, or are you still smoking all that pot? Are your thoughts on the positive side, or have they shriveled to a negative vibe?
Does your daily routine make you stimulated, or just plain old exasperated?  Are you the kind that prefers to lead, or do you give in on your knees?  If it was up to you would you do it, or say “fuck it, I’m over it!”?  When nobody else will say it, will you say it, or just feel ashamed and rather ignore it? Do you intend on forgiving, or just hope on forgetting?  Is your energy focused on tomorrow, or is it still caught up in yesterday’s sorrow?  Are your personal expectations gravitating outward, or do you feel like they’re being sucked backwards? Would you say your aura is graceful, or rather a bit distasteful?  
Would you be characterized as someone who’s grateful, or has spite tarnished you and left you resentful?  Are you content with what you’ve done, or are you content with what you haven’t done?  Are you compelled to give it everything you’ve got, or just accept what it’s not? If you were like the moon, would you be waxing, or its opposite and waning?
Is your career about stimulation and creation, or only financial remuneration? Once you start it do you complete it, or lose ambition and delete it?  Do your weeknights consist of watching too much T.V., or do you opt to delve into your favorite hobby? Are you fed up with mediocrity, or take comfort in animosity? Do you tend to blame when you feel shame, or do you fight to make it right?
Are you running out more than you're jumping in? Does your life have a hold on you, or do you have a hold on your life? Do you invest your time figuring out why it ain’t right, or more of your time trying to just make it right? Would you work and slave your whole life for a Rolex, or prefer heading home early each night to spend more time with your son, Alex? If your life was a stock, would you buy yourself “long”, or would you sell yourself “short” and conclude it forgone?
Are you always trying to make sense, or do you often get the sense that it rarely makes enough sense? Are you trying to just get bye, or do you have it in you to make it fly?  Do you seek out acceptance or revel in your difference? When life gets you down, do you go and get high, or do you buckle down and fight, and give it your best try?
Would you read all this and conclude it’s insane, or would you give it a moment’s thought and include it in your game?
Keep questioning my friends...keep questioning.

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