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September 15, 2010


Personally I’m pretty damn proud to be an American! On second thought who in the world wouldn’t be, right?  The flag of my country is something that symbolizes the pride I feel for it and for all the right reasons too. The good ol’ red, white and blue is something in itself that radiates pride, courage, strength and every other type of adjective that most flags would die to have the chance to represent! Right?
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Well, after just this morning, that notion has been put into serious question.  When I saw this flag here, the one with the funny looking palm tree and blue, white and yellow strips I was certain it had to be the city’s local tourism banner. After a moment of research on line, thanks to my favorite website ever invented, Wikipedia, it turns out that it’s the bonafide state flag of Penang, Malaysia that contains 1.6 million inhabitants!
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Wow, imagine that! A flag that has nothing to do with wars won, blood shed, lands conquered or the triumph of justice with that “albino lady” that’s always holding a scale thing in her hand.  Speaking of which, that’s no easy feat to accomplish, especially after drinking  one of those 16 ounce Budweisers. Try it for yourself and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Back to my point and I’ll state it with a question. Wouldn’t our world as a whole be a lot better off if we all had flags that represented “light blue for the ocean, white for serenity, yellow for prosperity and a beach palm from which it takes its name”??  Maybe? Actually...yes!
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Here are a few pics from Google (the other website I can’t live without) that show an aerial view of the exact hotel pool from which I am typing this post and a photo of the beach that lies just meters beyond its backyard. Life in this flag’s state surely lives up to itself :)

(Photos provided courtesy of Google Images)

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