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September 5, 2010

I’m Not A Professional Writer, Just A Professional At Being Me:

TheVicariousAdventure - Jason Schwary (self portrait)
My name is Jason and in exactly 39 hours I will be boarding a plane in Paris and landing in Kuala Lumpur to spend 6 months in South East Asia.  

I suppose the one of the first thing I should address with all of you out there is that by no means am I a professional writer!  So, if grammar mistakes like run-on sentences, punctuation errors and the occasionally misspelled word tends to frustrate you, or even worse distracted you, then I suggest you move on to the next blogger.  However, if that doesn’t bother you to (you are now experiencing a subliminal test) much, and content is more your game, then I invite you to come along with me. It should be interesting, on an experiential, emotional, spiritual and social level.
Beyond the disclaimer above, that is it! No more will come! This blog is not intended to be politically correct, civil, cater to specific interest groups, or any other sort of lofty notions either on purpose or covertly inadvertent. The only thing I can promise (which is saying a lot as I tend to strongly dislike promises) is that this blog will be different.  My goal is to share myself, to share the experiences I will encounter over my 6 month journey in South East Asia (SEA), to share my past (which I will cover from time to time) and most importantly, to share my interpretation on all of these events.
If I was you...key word being “IF”, then the first thing I'd be interested in knowing right now is who in the heck is this person! yeah,! W-H-O is this guy? W-H-A-T is this guy? And W-H-Y is he different? After all, I’d be thinking who the f--- does this guy think he is too? And most audaciously where is he coming from that he think he has something for me that’s relevant, interesting, informative or worth such limited time that I reserve for myself to even read his shit? 
Sorry for the strong language above and the critical thinking but that is exactly who I am! And guess what? That is exactly what you are going to get. This blog will be a crazy departure from all the social and political crap that exists between your cubicle and the water cooler at the office, the dressing room at Macy’s and the unpaid credit card bill in your mailbox at home.  And of course, this blog will aim at incorporating true stories of some of this planet’s most amazing beaches, savage jungles, oldest cultures and all the fascinating things that someone who’s a bit overly outgoing like me might encounter.
Allow me to digress and address once more what I first mentioned at the beginning of this entry where I strongly emphasized that, “I am not pretending to be a professional writer” is important to remember. It’s important to remember because what I failed to make crystal clear is that my real profession, is being Me.  That's right! You read that correctly! I am a professional at being Me, good ‘ol J-a-s-o-n. This may seem absurd, actually it is absurd, but what makes it so absurd is that it’s absurd for being absurd. It’s sort of like that Paris Hilton syndrome, you know, “famous for being famous”.  
My new coined phrase is that it’s “absurd for being absurd”! Take myself for example, if i was more concerned about being a professional for Myself, rather than a professional for Deloitte & Touche (some arbitrary “professional services” firm so you know what I'm talking about), then I wouldn’t have inauthentically cared to prove to others that I could consistently work past 10 p.m. without uttering the word “home” or better yet, “dinner”!  It frustrated me that others took pride in acting as if that was something to be proud of. But the most frustrating thing to me was that I cared more about other people’s perception of pride rather than my own! So there I was...being a perfect professional for Deloitte &Touche instead of being a professional for Me. And guess what?!  Odds are if I had been authentic to myself and said what I wanted to say, then I probably would have been on the “Work-Life Balance Committee” that became the firms #1 priority a year later!
It’s funny, now that I've been in the profession of being Myself over the last couple of years it makes me wonder if I had been more honest with myself, in other words being a professional of Myself, then I would have had the ability, courage and conviction to voice what I felt and most likely would have been promoted for it. After all, leaders of whatever it is they are leaders of, are in such a position because they had the ability to take what they felt as being important enough to be voiced, and yes, believed in. If I had addressed the situation authentically, by being Myself, on a more consistent basis, then my persistence and strong will would have been perceived as the qualities and character that excellent firms are made of.  And if not? Then they certainly aren’t the type of excellent firms you care to work for, right??!!
Going forward I promise to refrain from trite confessions in order to make a point, or include real live people or corporations (bullshit, everyone loves gossip) as well. But at least I hope to have accomplished putting it out there just a tad bit more as to who I am and what I’m about. At least 10% I hope. The rest shall come, except from parables from the long and windy roads of South East Asia.
As I finish this last paragraph I will be heading to bed and tomorrow will be my last day in the “Wester World” for the next 6 months. Exciting, scary, intense, mystical, and in every sense of the word - A-L-I-V-E.

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